park visitors

Extra dimensies voor parkbezoekers

Are you owner of a high ropes course, treetop adventure or adventure park? Would you like to give your visitors something extra's and let their visit be a lasting memory? Read about the possibilities which are applicable to every park.
steps adventure concept

5 stappen naar een adventure concept

Are you thinking about investing in a net adventure, high ropes course, treetop adventure or other outdoor project? Ever wondered what you have to think of? Read the 5 steps below to find out what it takes to realize an adventure concept.
safety high ropes courses

Veiligheid van klimparken

When entrepreneurs are thinking about the construction of a ropes course or treetop adventure, it's wise to think about safety. What standards and systems are there? How often does a park need to be inspected? We noted all the aspects in a brief summary.
mapic 2017

Mapic 2017: de toekomst van retailtainment

Last week we visited Mapic - The International Retail Property Market. A large trade show which focuses on retail developers and investors. One of this year's key points was the Leisure Zone.
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