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Our net adventures are the newest and most exciting adventure concepts we have! Customers feel as if they are walking through a bounce park, only high in the sky. Not only young children like them, also adults love the adventures.

The net adventures attract a large target group and lots of customers can play at the same time. However, little supervision is needed. This helps you as a client to be successful!

It is quite the experience to walk high between the trees and bouncing your way through the park.




The net adventures have a high capacity. This means lots of people can play in the park at the same time. No safety system is required because the nets provide safety. Minimum supervision is needed which means you do not have to hire lots of staff to operate the park.

It is competitive. Totally different from the traditional adventure parks.

Bringing joy to people’s faces with a net adventure, combined with your commercial success, is the ultimate goal!




All our adventure concepts are custom made. Our inventive advice gives you the best options for your park and area. The different activities from the net adventures can be combined into one park.

Bounce nets, tree house tracks, slides and a tubing net slide will give your visitors lots to play around in.

All to be decided with you once we have looked at your idea and area.

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